Vacuum Valve manufacturer SS304 316L stainless steel

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Vacuum Valve manufacturer SS304 316L stainless steel

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ANGLE VALVE Manually Operated with Bellows Angle valve
Z-INLINE VALVE Pneumatically Actuated Angle Valve
Y-INLINE VALVE Y-inline Valve
BALL VALVE Two-Stage Valve
GATE VALVE UHV Gate Valve (with Bellows)


* Long life operation.

* They will function reliably in applications ranging from semiconductor production system with chemical and particulate contamination.

* Stainless steel welded bellows seal.

* Bakeable to 200ºC intermittently, Viton seal bonnet.

* Manual and electropneumatic actuation or fail safe operators

* Compact size.

* Simple and fast maintenance.

* Simple control via solenoid valve with manual override.


*Body  304 S.S. (Other material available upon request)
*Poppet  304 S.S. (Other material available upon request)
*Bellows  Welded AM-350 (option)
*Solenoid  Option
*Position indicator  Option
*Seal  Viton O'ring
*Leak rate  2x10-9
*Pressure range  1x10-9 torr to 760 torr Viton seal bonnet
*Maximum△pressure before opening  1.2 Bar
*Operating air pressur  4~6.5 kg/cm2
*Cycles until service  16 to 50~500,000
*(full orifice open)  63 to 150~250,000
 200 to larger~application dependent
*Bake-out limitation  150ºC Viton seal bonnet
Larger or special size is available  


*KF, ISO and ANSI port models are designed for high vacuum applications where vacuum pressures approximate 10-9 torr and bake-out temperature do not exceed 150ºC.

*CF port models are designed for ultra-high vacuum applications where the vacuum pressure approximates 10-10 torr and bake-out temperatures do not exceed 200ºC. They are also commonly used in applications requiring a more permanent seal.

Shanteng vacuum is supplying vacuum solutions for Semiconductor industry.

We offer the ultra high vacuum parts accessories,hardware, components,including the KF,CF,ISO ASA flanges , fittings; Also we make the vacuum ball valves, gate valves and angle valves, and vacuum chambers. We are making the processes more efficient,reducing lead time, saving the cost for our customers.

All inquiries or samples request ,please send our email  

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