VCR Tube Ferrule Fittings 

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VCR Tube Ferrule Fittings 

Shanteng Vacuum Technology is expert manufacturer for vacuum components and Ferrule Tube Fittings adapters.


High purity Stainless Steel Ferrule Tube Fittings 

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1, the elbow runner smooth transition, reduce the runner resistance, ensure the smooth flow of fluid
2, accurate machining, diameter and Tube diameter matching
3, the welding port is straight, no burr
4, manual or automatic welding
5. Electrolytic polishing of the runner with surface roughness up to Ra0.25um(10uin)
6, the Tube wall thickness is uniform, improve the repeatability of welding

EP Micro welded joint


Compact structure design

Size range: 1/8 "to 1/2", 6mm to 12mm

Suitable for miniaturized piping system

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