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Hi, Shanteng Vacuum has angle valves, inline valve , ball valve in stock.
The valcuum valves are good surface and most incredble quality. Welcome to inquiry by email

KF40 ANGLE VALVE Pneumatic

Shanteng Vacuum technology has made more stock for angle valves, ball valves.

We have bought new machines to manufacuture the vacuum valves.

About 3000pcs valves production each Month.

Also many workers are hard work day and night.

We do the fast delivery time for our customers.

Our clients are satisfied with our vacuum valves.

Furthermore, for other vacuum components , vacuum parts including KF flanges, ISO flanges, bellows, flexible hoses, centering rings, fittings, elbows, six cube crosses, clamps.

These parts are in good demand with large quantity.

We will plan to use more automatic machines for making process.

Wish to become your wonderful supplier for vacuum components.

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Research and development (R&D) Extensive and in-depth research and development often leads to major technological breakthroughs and advances. Vacuum technology plays an important role in many research fields, such as high energy physics, space research and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications. High energy physics. High-energy physics, also known as particle physics, deals with what the world is made of.

At many research centers, storage rings are connected together to accumulate high beam currents and accelerate to higher energies. Many storage rings use synchrotron light produced in electron storage rings as a source of high-energy radiation, for example in materials science research. Linear accelerators require at least high vacuum pressures, storage rings require ultra-high vacuums, and in large colliders, 10-11 mbar or more! Space environment simulation.

Vacuum technology to explore space, using vacuum pumps to simulate conditions in space to test equipment used for space missions. Space travel, scientific and commercial satellites, and cosmic research can only be successful if all the materials, components and equipment involved are successfully tested under high and ultra-high vacuum conditions. Ultra high vacuum experiment. National laboratories, large global research universities, and industries such as defense, aerospace, or analytical instrument manufacturing use a variety of vacuum devices to achieve the desired degree of vacuum. In research applications such as particle accelerators or gravity wave detectors, ultra-high vacuum conditions will mainly help reduce the interaction between the beam and the gas and limit unexpected perturbations from the external environment. These vacuum levels require the use of special materials and extraction principles.

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