The Spring Festival’s celebrations

2022 is the Chinese traditional lunar new year of tiger.

The celebration for extending the best wishes for family harmony and reunion to people.

In North China, people like to eat dumpling , play fireworks, solve riddles posted on lanterns.

From young people, children , elder will watch TV of “Chunwan”program together.

Some people will call their relatives and friends for blessing.

In South China, most of them like the sweet food, the family mother and father will prepare a table of dishes, they await their Children son and daughter come back to hometown . They gathered and eat, drink speak even dance together to celebrate reunion in the lunar new year.

When we were young 20 years or 30 years ago, the Chinese new year is the the best festival , every one wish the new clothes, eager to eat meat and “Jiaozi”, that’s the amazing memory in our childhood.

Now the standard of living level has improved to much than the past. We are living in the building apartment, we have cars, we can go everywhere by car. Every people has the mobile. We play Wechat and Tiktok. We show our happy and funny in the Wechat friends circle. Even we pay using our mobile without paper money. E-commerce change the world, change our life style. In the September 2021 Chinese astronauts go up into space . The human people is coming true their dreams. We are the hero in the world. We believe we will invent the smart robot. In the near future we can live on the moon, treat cancer, and even find aliens to be friends .

From now on, we continue to work very hard, we support our people , protect our earth home.

We save water and no waste food. Finally we wish our China even better in 2022.

Post time: Jan-06-2022