The new year 2022

Now is the end of 2021, the new year 2022 is coming soon.

We supply test report SS316L to our clients.

It’s qualified FYI. See the report details.

We are your professional supplier for vacuum components.

Welcome to become our business friends soon.

In the 2022 new year holiday, our factory is still working for order production. Our US customers order the KF & ISO , CF flange series. In the following we will get the centering rings , fittings order . we make the fast delivery shipment to meet client’s request.

Also we are happy and confident for our vacuum parts , in the past year 2021, the qualified parts achieve quality pass 99.9%

Although the stainless steel cost is increased in the Chinese market, we give the suggestion that prepare the stock production as early as possible.

In the end of December 2021, large orders come to us from Germany, Italy , Finland etc.

That’s quite busy but give us much encouragement. We appreciate all the clients effort and support . some have cooperate with us more than 7 years. Time is quickly , we are running more fast.

We got the bellows and flanges requirements from England customer. Of course we make vacuum solutions for Semiconductor; research & development system.Our main focus has been on progress, innovation, and problem-solving. 

3 years before our customers will come to visit our factory and stay with us 3~5 days. For the business meeting, visiting, touring and shopping. We are joyful with our customers like our friends. Now we are meeting and discussing online. We really miss our past meeting face to face. As we have the next plan that we will visit the Great Wall in Beijing together with our clients. There are some delicious food such as steamed small meat dumpling in basket, the tasty snack is really amazing for foreign friends.

In the 2022, wish everything goes well. Makes more dreams to come true.

Post time: Dec-30-2021