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Shanteng Vacuum Technology Co.,ltd supply Aluminum KF clamps, stainless steel clamp and ISO-KF Tubular adaptors.

With the development of industrial production and scientific research, vacuum technology is more and more widely used in all walks of life. In addition to improving and improving the performance and quality of processed products, it also plays an important role in exploring the mysteries of matter and the universe. Most importantly, no matter which industries and processes use vacuum technology, their output and quality will be improved geometrically. In the future, vacuum equipment will be more widely used。

Shanteng Vacuum components / vacuum parts are widely used for vacuum filling, food processing and packaging, heat treatment and metallurgy, lithium-ion battery, industrial coating application, R&D field, medical care industry

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First of all, let's talk about vacuum filling. Many manufacturing processes that need to fill gas or liquid for products, such as air conditioning and refrigerator refrigerant circuits, automobile brake pipes, heat pipes and gas filled lamps, all use vacuum support technology. Refrigerators and air conditioners make refrigerant filling. Before filling the refrigerant, the compressor and coolant circuit need to be evacuated. If the vacuum degree is not up to standard, the compressor will have problems of large vibration, high noise or poor refrigeration efficiency during operation. After evacuation, the refrigerant is injected into the circuit.

Shanteng Vacuum components leakage detection of cooling circuit. After filling, the equipment is transferred to the leak detection system. The chamber is usually pumped to a pressure of<0.1 mbar and a leak detector is used to sniff for refrigerant leakage. If the cooling circuit meets the specifications, it will be transferred to the assembly line. If it is unqualified, it will be transferred to the maintenance station. The leak detection chamber must be evacuated within a few seconds. repair. The leaking cooling circuit must be drained before it can be repaired. Because most modern refrigerants are flammable (and air may leak in due to circuit leakage), there are usually explosion-proof requirements. For heat pipe manufacturing. Heat pipe is a heat conduction device based on the principle of two-phase heat transfer. The heat pipe is filled with liquid (usually water) to transfer heat from one end of the pipe to the other.

They are usually used to transfer the heat of heating electronic components (such as computer processors) to the low temperature area where the heat can be released. Heat pipes are used in various applications such as electronic products, refrigerators, air conditioners, steam engines, boilers, etc. Lighting equipment production. Different from the current popular LED lamps, the working principle of various traditional lamps cannot be separated from bulbs or tubes (tungsten filament lamps, fluorescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, etc.), and they need to be evacuated in the production stage. The vacuum required depends on the type of lamp. Shanteng Vacuum components with KF flange , clamps, bellows, cetnering rings .The hydraulic brake of automobile is charged with oil.

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Today's cars usually use a hydraulic brake system to transmit the pressure from the brake pedal to the actual brake mechanism of each wheel. To achieve this function, the hydraulic system must be filled with appropriate incompressible brake fluid. The hydraulic system must not contain any bubbles, because the bubbles can be compressed, which will reduce the braking efficiency. In production, the hydraulic system is pre-drained by a vacuum pump. For vacuum components inquiry. Please contact us by email

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